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Introduction Good Laser Pointer

July 10, 2015

1. The aviation aluminum alloy manufacture, strong and durable;
2.18650 battery, large capacity, easy to buy, Long duration;
3.This Red Laser Pointer With child safety locks, When not in use, let key switch turn to red dot place, pull out, disconnect the power supply;
4. External adjust the focus convenient adjustable Red Laser beam thickness, spot size (focus is very convenient)
5. Imported LD and accessories, increase the service life, more than 8000 hours;(Currently 50-200mW laser lights built-in import LD is very rare)
6.Built-in laser module to improve the heat dissipation function,Circuit Board protection design. ( against laser circuit board defects currently,and excellent reform)


Product parameters
Model: OX-R301
Material: hard aluminum
Exterior Finish: black anodized
Switch mode: touch switch
Power supply: 1 x 18650 / CR123 battery
Wavelength: 650nm
Start time ≤3 seconds
Operating voltage: DC3.7V with key protection
Power: 200MW after focusing can burst balloons and other lighter point matches


Package list
1 x 200mW 650nm Flashlight Style Red Laser Pointer Pen

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